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Restaurants and Law

135702380Kitchin Legal understands restaurants and we understand that restaurants are particularly vulnerable to employee wage and hour lawsuits. Employee lawsuits can be brought by a single person, a group of employees or even as a class action. Cases also can be brought by an employee and their attorneys on behalf of the California Labor & Workforce Development Agency as a Private Attorneys General Act case.

Employee lawsuits usually include a wide range of allegations of wrong doing, such as:

  • The employee was denied meal and rest breaks;
  • The employee was required to work some amount of time off-the-clock;
  • The employee was denied minimum wages or overtime;
  • The employer failed to maintain mandatory records for each employee; and
  • The employer failed to pay the employee all wages that were due when they left.

The employee’s claims can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, in many cases attorneys’ fees are available to the employee if he or she proves the labor law violations occurred. Consequently, defending a single wage and hour case can cost a company in excess of $200,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs alone. A $20,000 wage claim can place a restaurant at risk of being ordered to pay ten times as much in lawyer fees. Learn more »

Prevention is the Key

All restaurants can substantially reduce their litigation risk profile by gaining a clearer understanding of labor laws and implementing policies and practices that comply with those laws. Compliance is good for the restaurant and it’s great for employees.

Kitchin Legal’s Flat Rate Employment Policies and Practices Audit can be the first step toward protecting a restaurant from wage and hour liability.