How It Works

Contingency Fees:

Kitchin Legal represents employees on a contingency fee basis in all employment lawsuits.  This means that attorneys’ fees are recovered at the end of the case by settlement or verdict after trial.  Fees are based on percentages negotiated at the beginning of the case.  If Kitchin Legal is unable to collect damages from a defendant, then our clients are not required to pay fees.

Hourly Matters:

We are often asked to evaluate employment contracts, commission agreements and severance agreements.  On short-term, limited-scope matters like these, we charge a very reasonable hourly rate for consultations.

Communication, Collaboration and Promises:

Patrick Kitchin works closely with all Kitchin Legal clients to gather evidence and to advance their cases toward victory and resolution.  We value our client relationships.  You can expect clear communication from Kitchin Legal.  We promise to be responsive to your needs.  We promise to place your interests above our own.  We promise to treat the process with the seriousness it deserves.  We promise to work very hard for you.

Knowledge. Experience. Commitment.

Great lawyer, very professional patient and honest he is also a nice person. Returned the calls every time I would have a question during my case and he is a winner. I definitely highly recommend Mr. Kitchin.

Five Star AVVO Review