Wage and Hour Issues Affecting the Salon Industry

Kitchin Legal is a leading authority in the laws governing California salon workers’ wage rights in California.

Recent changes in California law governing piece-rate wages, commission wages and independent contractors have resulted in significant liability exposure for hair, nail and skin-care salons.  It has become much more difficult for salons to operate under the traditional chair renter system, where “independent contractors” pay salon owners a percentage of their receipts as a rental fee.  And paying salon workers on a commission basis can result in significant wage and hour violations.

Bay Area Employment Law Experts for Salon IndustryPatrick Kitchin has been involved in a number of cases involving wage and hour issues unique to the salon industry.  He has also helped salons design their business model and wage systems in ways that protect them from future lawsuits.

In 2016 Patrick Kitchin served as lead counsel in a class action case brought against a chain of high-end salons in Northern California for failing to pay its cosmetologists wages for non-productive time and for rest breaks.  Kitchin Legal was able to win a $1 million settlement for its clients.  In 2017 Kitchin Legal brought suit against a well-known chain of hair salons in Southern California, on behalf of six stylists and colorists for similar alleged violations.  Kitchin Legal was able to successfully win a settlement for his clients in that case too.  Kitchin Legal also has served as counsel in a number of other cases both in San Francisco and Los Angeles involving individual cosmetologists.

If you are a salon worker, please feel free to call us to learn whether your salon is paying in accordance with California law.

If you are a salon owner, call us for information about how to ensure you are in compliance with all of the laws governing the employment of salon workers in California.

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