We Can Help Lower Your Litigation Risk

Over the years, Kitchin Legal has helped numerous small to mid-sized companies, including restaurants, general contractors, janitorial companies and healthcare providers, to understand and follow the complex laws governing the employment of workers in California. We have also helped such companies resolve employment claims through the courts, the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and the United States Department of Labor.  There is one overriding lesson we have learned from representing these diverse companies and it is an obvious one:  proactive litigation risk management is hundreds of times less costly than fighting employment-related lawsuits in any venue.

One of the simplest and most cost-effective steps any company can take right now is to implement timekeeping, meal period and rest period policies that comply with California’s labor laws.  Often, for less than the cost of a court filing fee, Kitchin Legal can help a company implement wage and hour policies that can mean the difference between avoiding a wage claim and defending the company against one.

Let us help you to lower your company’s litigation risk profile today.  Contact Patrick Kitchin at prk@kitchinlegal.com.